21 Nov 2021

    Here's What You Should Know About Sex and Money Featured

    Recently, there was data released by the Institute for the Study of Labor that showed an interesting connection between sex and money.

    The overall gist of the findings was that of the participants studied, there was evidence suggesting that people who have more sex make more money. While it wasn’t clear whether sex influenced one’s ability to earn money, or having a higher income led to more sex, it was an interesting connection to note. Here are five other interesting connection points between sex and money.

    #1 - Stress

    Just about everyone knows that stress is bad and should be avoided. What many people may not know is that a lack of money can be a key contributor to high-stress levels in Canadians. Would you like to guess what else can cause stress? A lack of sex. This means that shortages of money leading to a damper on your love life have the potential to create massive amounts of stress in your life.

    #2 - Sleep

    Insomnia can be brought on by many things, two of which are sexual and financial frustrations. Almost half, about 48 percent of Canadians, say they have lost sleep over financial worries. Sleep deprivation can also lead to reduced sexual desires, especially in women, further complicating things. If you are following along, this means that money problems and sex problems can lead to sleep problems.

    #3 - Marriage

    Being married isn’t easy and two key areas where couples often struggle are with money and with sex. When finances are not good within a marriage, usually the result is tension between the husband and the wife that creates a lack of intimacy in the bedroom. So, in this case, money problems lead to sex problems that compound into marriage problems.

    #4 - Mental Health

    Being under financial stress while burdened by debt can really take a toll on our mental health and wellbeing. It can even lead to conditions like anxiety and depression in some people. To make matters worse, people who struggle with these mental health conditions tend to also have a lower sex drive, leading to less sex. However, sex has also been shown to help in the fight against depression and stress, due to hormones like serotonin, the key hormone that stabilizes our mood, and elicits feelings of well-being, and happiness. This means that it’s possible to combat your money issues with sex to keep your mental health from deteriorating.

    #5 - Self-Esteem

    Developing healthy self-esteem is another area where sex and money connect. A healthy intimate relationship can boost self-esteem, while bad sexual experiences can often deteriorate it. Money and a person’s overall financial situation have a similar effect. Poverty and financial despair typically create low self-esteem in people, while wealth and financial security is often linked to building it up. Interesting isn’t it?

    Final Thoughts

    Sex and money truly seem to be connected in a variety of ways. As you can see, financial problems can create or compound sex problems. In some cases, sex can help contradict or lessen financial problems. Either way, one affects the other. The bottom line seems to be that both need to be managed for optimal results.

     At CleveDoesMore, the best part of our job is helping people make informed choices to minimize their risk while building equity and wealth for their future.

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