16 Apr 2016

Buying Insurance is Buying Money At Discount

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You probably never thought of it but if you have ever purchased any form of insurance, you actually purchased money at a discount.

04 Apr 2016

Spring Into These Tax Advantages

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I am an advocate for paying one’s fair share of taxes, after all, for the most part we do get value for our tax dollars in Canada.

17 Mar 2016

8 Reasons You're Having A Tough Time With The Taxman

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In my practice I have found that many of the difficult interactions with CRA can be avoided by a simple shift in how we approach them.

28 Feb 2016

Wealth Or The Absence Thereof Is A Choice

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Recently I met with a couple to discuss their insurance and retirement goals and surprisingly the husband said he didn’t believe in life insurance or leaving money for anyone else to spend when he passed away.

01 Feb 2016

The Top Five Financial Products Every Business Owner Should Own

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Those of us who are self-employed create the reality we want, at our own pace and don’t have the luxury of having an employer set up and administer pension and benefit plans on our behalf; which means we have to do it ourselves.

21 Dec 2015

Why An RESP Alone Won't Cut It

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Many Canadian parents save in an RESP for the purpose of funding their children’s post-secondary education.

18 Nov 2015

The 4 People Every Business Owner Should Have In Their Inner Circle

Written by

You've heard the saying before, think big!

27 Nov 2015

How To Pay The Lowest Income Tax Possible

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It's November, and if you're a business owner that means it's the time of year you should be thinking about how to minimize your income tax.

21 Oct 2015

How To Minimize Probate Fees and Taxes Upon Death

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When someone passes away, their estate is subject to a process known as probate, and you may have heard this phrase, “The will has to go through Probate” before the assets in someone’s estate can be distributed to beneficiaries. 

04 Sep 2015

Nothing Will Happen To Me

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I have heard from many people from all walks of life, in many different situations the phrase “Nothing will happen to me”. 

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