Data Deletion Policy

In order to keep ByBlacks.com as fast as possible and provide the most optimal user experience, we periodically delete files that are no longer required, or where info is out of date.


Below are our guidelines on the different types of data that we delete:

Banner ad campaigns - ad campaign info is retained on our system for a maximum period of 1 year after the end of the campaign. Clients are able to log in to the advertising admin console and view their ad performance for impressions, clicks and click-through rates. 

Events listings - once the date of the event has passed the event is deleted. Clients requiring stats on the hits to the event page can request that info from our sales team within one week following the end of the event.

Newsletters - we delete newsletter campaigns after 3 months. Clients requiring stats on the open rates can request that info from our sales team one week following the last e-blast.

Contests - Once the contest winner has been announced on our social media platforms, the contest is removed from the contest page, and info deleted from our server.

Press releases - We currently provide a service where a press release is posted to our website under the “News” menu tab. This info is stored for a maximum one year period from the date of posting, after which it is deleted.

Directory Listings - We only delete business listings where we have discovered the business has closed, website/social media accounts are no longer valid, or we determine that the business is not Black Canadian owned. 

If you have any questions about our Data Deletion policy, please email sales(at)byblacks.com.


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