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    Since launching in 2013 ByBlacks.com has registered over 80 MILLION hits and received more than 1.2 MILLION Unique Visitors.

    • We now average over 1.5 million hits monthly.
    • Articles on interesting Black Canadian owned businesses, restaurants, and non-profit organizations
    • Articles on Artists and history making Black Canadian personalities.
    • The most exhaustive list of events targeted to the Black Canadian community.
    • Largest online business directory of Black Canadian owned businesses and growing weekly.
    ByBlacks.com covers Film & TV, Music, Stage ank Books.
    ByBlacks.com does profiles on Artists, Business, Non-Profit organizations and Black Canadian personalities.
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    Get advice and info from our Black Canadian beauty & fashion, health & wellness, legal, lifestyle. marketing & media, and money experts
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    News & Opinion

    We offer your business unique insight into the interests, skills and values of the Black Canadian community.


    There are over 1.2 million people of Black, African or Caribbean descent living in Canada, and the Black Canadian population growth is outpacing that of Canada as a whole, due primarily to immigration from the Caribbean and Africa. That means your audience is growing exponentially each day.

    A closer look at Black Canada

    The Black Community represents the 4th largest or (3rd largest Visible Minority) ethnic population in Canada.

    That’s more than 1.2 million people and growing with continuous immigration

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    Black Business Owners are young. (15% of Visible Minority SME Owners are under the age of 30.)

    CIBC, TD Canada and the Government of Canada all agree that Visible Minorities Businesses are a major driver of the Canadian economy.

    We bring the audience to the advertiser by satisfying all their information needs.


    Our 2014 Reader Survey points to a reader base of Black influencers, that are high functioning (education level),  accomplished, high disposable income, age diverse (across the major age groups) and stable (employed).



    With over 35,000 followers on our social media channels and high engagement rates, ByBlacks connects you with Black Canadians who trust our brand to introduce them to quality products, services, information or opportunities.


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    NIA Centre for the Arts 2020 Black Futures Month e-flyer distributed by ByBlacks.com

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    ByBlacks.com is the top-ranked award-winning online magazine focused exclusively on telling Black Canadian stories. With over one hundred writers to date covering a range of editorial content, we also provide a free business directory for Black Canadian owned businesses, free events listing and promotional services for our clients.



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