Sonia Aimy

  • Sonia Aimy
Sonia Aimy Oduwa with a velvety voice comparable to any of the greats in the music scene. Nigerian- born via Italian songwriter, singer and actress. Sonia Aimy Oduwa is the quintessential virtuoso of world music. Her music juts out brilliance unrestrained evoking the sound of highlife, afrobeat, jazz and call-and-response traditional African griot style. Sonia’s style, however is still effortlessly "afrojazz and folk". Touching hearts and souls have always been her passion since she started singing at the age of 11 in her native city Benin City in Nigeria where she received early education from her mother in traditional folklore. As an actress Sonia has worked for numerous national theatres in Italy including Teatro Stabile per I Giovani of Turin, Teatro di Roma, AlmaTeatro, Teatro Stabile di Torino, Paolo Rossi, Zelig laboratorio, etc. She has also played lead roles in several TV and Radio drama series for RAI Italian Radio Television, Cinema and commercials.
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