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The Cleaning Artists effectively assist our various clients in maintaining a clean and refreshing living, working, and socializing space with our environmentally friendly approach. Our company views the environments that we all live in on a day-to-day basis as ‘Life Spaces’. Whether you are hard at work, relaxing at home, or at a function, your ‘Life Space’ will be spotless and Eco-friendly with our service. We are all familiar with that euphoric feeling we get when we walk into a shiny, clean bathroom or a flawless, neat bedroom. That feeling when we sit down at an orderly and well-organized desk or walk into an immaculate and fresh smelling professional office. That great feeling comes from that important place being well groomed, and frequently cleaned. The Cleaning Artists will do this for you! In addition to cleaning the personal or professional space of our diverse clients, we understand that a clean space should be more than just a clean space. Our earth-friendly approach ensures that the products we use to make your space gleaming are also safe for yourself, your Life Space, as well as the earth. By using non-toxic and natural cleaning agents, we not only take care of how your space looks and feels when you or your clients are there, but also how environmentally friendly your Life Space actually is. We are a unique company, and so are each of our clients. Therefore, with numerous positive testimonials and repeat customers, we have established The Cleaning Artists brand which is creative yet caters to the specific needs and lifestyle of each individual client. Whether you own or rent your home, have a business space for yourself or employees, need to prepare for a party or clean one up, The Cleaning Artists can create that spotless and refreshing Life Space for you every time. Call or email us anytime for a quote or for more information. Love your Life Space!


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