ByBlacks.com caught up with Amanda Brugel as she's about to start her stint as one of the new hosts of Canada’s Drag Race Season 2. Amanda's probably best known in Canada for her recent work in The Handmaid's Tale, Kim's Convenience and Working Moms, however, the award-winning actress has over 2 decades worth of experience under her belt. Amanda, whose biological dad is Black and her mother white, is currently in Hungary working on a film production. I was curious about her experiences as a Black mixed-race woman in a foreign country. 

    Zendaya in Dune | CREDIT: WARNER BROS. I love to read and watch sci-fi and fantasy, and apparently, that makes me a Blerd. A Black nerd. A Black person that likes nerdy things. I’m so much of a Blerd that I thought the word was a part of the common Black lexicon. I’m so much a Blerd that I thought lexicon would be a fitting replacement for slang. Now whether Blerd means smart or insufferable, I’ll leave to you. 

    You probably know trey anthony from Da Kink in My Hair, the amazing play that we all grew to know and love, that also became a hit TV show, making trey the first Black Canadian woman to ever create and produce a primetime series for major Canadian television. She has since written for the Oprah Winfrey Network and many others. And now, she’s published her first book called A Black Girl in Love with Herself. Watch or read our conversation below!

    DIGGSTOWN is a Canadian original legal television drama series premiering on CBC and created by Floyd Kane, the executive producer and showrunner.

    The usage of monuments dates back millennia as an ode to history and important people who have passed away. But they don't always represent the best parts of history or even the truth about our history.  New Monuments is an hour-long original film that blends activism and art around issues related to Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour (IBPOC) communities with music, while tracing the story of Canada from its earliest history all the way up to the present day. What does the future hold? Over 40 internationally recognized IBPOC Toronto talents will give us an exhilarating tour of history,…

    “One of my goals is to change the portrayal of Black people, especially Black women on television,” says Sandy Daley, a Black Canadian writer, director, producer, and actress.

    Up and coming R&B singer, Victory, stands at the crossroads of Blackness and womanhood.

    TESSEL is a short film magnifying the stories and lived experiences of 14 Black Canadian dance makers.

    The short film, Blaxites, critically explores how “Big Data” and surveillance technology have blurred the line between safety and privacy, especially for marginalized communities of colour.

    PHOTO: Canadian rapper Lil Berete | Credit: @whosper For as long as Canada has been hiding its acts of criminality under the mask of multiculturalism, Black voices carried over ancestral drums have been calling out the ugly realities of anti-Black racism.

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