What gets your heart pumping and soul-stirring when you listen to music? Is it the thunderous boom of a drum solo? Or maybe it’s the resonating hum of an electrifying guitar solo. Music holds a distinct power that transcends boundaries from hip hop to pop—whatever genre. It can transport you back to a memory with the drop of a single note. It can also be a much-needed therapeutic pause during a tumultuous time. If you ask Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s (TSO) Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser, his answer may surprise you.

    Let’s be frank, back in the day, the music industry was a male-dominated scene. We can even still say today that it remains so. On top of that, if there were any women sprinkled throughout, you can be sure that Black women were far and few in between. 

    Well, that wasn’t as bad as I expected it would be. While everyone continues to dissect the lyrical content of Canadian songwriter and singer The Weeknd’s fifth studio album release, a little controversy has erupted (Angelina Jolie, is that you?). 

    Up and coming R&B singer, Victory, stands at the crossroads of Blackness and womanhood.

    PHOTO: Canadian rapper Lil Berete | Credit: @whosper For as long as Canada has been hiding its acts of criminality under the mask of multiculturalism, Black voices carried over ancestral drums have been calling out the ugly realities of anti-Black racism.

    Have you, or someone you know, ever wanted to work in music or entertainment? ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective aims to help you make that happen. Whether you are a veteran in your industry, well into your current career, a college or university scholar, an entrepreneur, or a high school student, ADVANCE can help you get in the door.

    Canada's newest Black music festival, Afrowaveto launches this weekend, promising an inclusive music experience. We sat down with Lexxicon, a Jamaican-Canadian artist and the founder and executive director of the Afrowaveto music organization.

    Anyone whose been featured on either of the Obama’s musical playlists should wear that badge of honour with pride.

    Luigi Fidelia, a.k.a City Fidelia is a young Canadian rap artist, studio owner, and radio program director.

    The question has haunted me for months: “what survives after this pandemic?”

    Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests and political unrest, first-generation Black Canadian artist, Emanuel, has released his passionate EP entitled ALT THERAPY Session 2: Transformation, via Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company, and his new U.S. label partner Motown Records.

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