Chantelle Quow

    Chantelle Quow

    Immigration to Canada has been on the rise in recent years. This migration is driven by many factors such as increased global communication and transportation networks and a more mobile workforce, to name a few. 

    This rapidly-evolving technological environment has changed the game when it comes to business development, with companies growing their brands to multi-million dollar figures almost overnight.

    As 2018 is starting off, many people are thinking of pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor. The biggest obstacle that many face is the question of how to finance their business.

    When I started my business as a “solopreneur”, I had to perform all of the functions myself.

    Helping clients with business strategies, solutions, and motivation is my passion. I especially love helping clients plan and prepare before they start their own business or purchase an existing one.

    My entrepreneurial journey began when I was 20 years old and enrolled in Centennial College.

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