Devon Jones

    Devon Jones

    I was watching one of those late night shows and Khloe Kardashian was a guest. Let me get to the point quick. 

    09 Jun 2016

    I really appreciate the feedback and sharing of my last article on being told “Don’t put on too much muscle”. 

    My strength, muscles and men’s view of them, seem to be the running theme this week. Why are men still so surprised when women are strong? I’ve had male clients look at me like I’m insane when I do a move or lift a weight that they apparently didn’t think I should be able to perform or lift.

    28 Mar 2016

    The fear of success has run rampant. I still struggle with it. I still see it in my clients.

    23 Feb 2016

    I was the biggest meat lover around.

    We have just started a new year and I keep hearing these talk show hosts/comedians making fun of people who still make them, assuming that they are going to fail. 

    It’s the holiday season. It doesn’t matter your religion, you can’t escape it. And it seems like over-indulging in food and drinks is expected of you.

    10 Nov 2015

    I have been thinking about what to write this month for my fitness article and for some reason I keep coming back to one repeated warning that my parents drilled into my brain. 

    15 Oct 2015

    Yes! Let the cussing start. But it’s true, so let’s just be real about it.

    So I’m at the gym minding my business in the free weights section.

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