You probably know trey anthony from Da Kink in My Hair, the amazing play that we all grew to know and love, that also became a hit TV show, making trey the first Black Canadian woman to ever create and produce a primetime series for major Canadian television. She has since written for the Oprah Winfrey Network and many others. And now, she’s published her first book called A Black Girl in Love with Herself.

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    Now in its 24th year, you could say the Legacy Poster is something of an institution in Black Canada.

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    Trey Anthony is unstoppable. She has ridden a wave of success ever since her first hit da' kink in my hair - on the big stage and on the small screen as a popular TV series.

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    Playwright, Producer Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur Trey Anthony has added another title to her already accomplished resume.

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    “If you want to know a Black woman, you touch her hair… that is where we carry everything —all our hopes, our dreams, our pain."

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    Trey Anthony is using her creative expertise to share the stories of Black women and train the next generation of Canadian writers. 

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