Over the last fourty days, Justin Trudeau faced a lot of scrutiny for calling an election during a pandemic when it was wholly unnecessary. Many people felt it was a waste of money, time, and resources on top of putting the health of Canadians at a blatant disregard by asking them to go out and vote while also encouraging distancing and safety. As someone who works in Community Health, I was not only shocked that an election was being held during a pandemic, but also what this would mean for the racialized, underprivileged, poorer communities already struggling much more deeply with the reality of the pandemic. 

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    The Internet and all its Twitter activists are busy cancelling and critiquing a photo that has so fittingly surfaced a month before Canadians cast their votes in the upcoming federal election. In the photo, Justin Trudeau is in ‘brownface’ dressed as Aladdin at an ‘Arabian Nights Theme Party’ in 2001.

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