The Volunteer: (Volume I of III) by Allan Amos

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    Allan When Toronto native, Sydney Templeton's life hit the doldrums because it became too routine, he decided to volunteer at a jail that housed inmates who were either denied bail during their trials or who were awaiting sentencing. While visiting, the chaplain realized that he had an uncanny way of getting the inmates to talk and because of the progress he made, was allowed regular visits with three inmates: Andre, a contract killer, Bobby a fraudster and Xavier, who operated a grow-operation from his home. All three men were glad for Sydney's company but unknowing to them, they were slowly awakening Sydney's dark side and all of the latent desires that he had. With what he learned from them, he was successfully able to pull off the crime of the century in Toronto. Volume II, will detail Sydney's fall, the death of his family and his subsequent incarceration, only because he failed to learn the lesson the inmates were trying to impart to him: Greed is man's biggest downfall.
    Allan Amos
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    Iuniverse Inc

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