14 Aug 2016

What You Should Know Before Buying A Home With Someone Else

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There are two ways that you may own a home with someone else. The first is with a: (1) by a “joint tenancy; and the second is (2) a “tenancy in common”.

22 Jun 2016

How To Deal With Nasty Neighbours

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Most of us have been there – living beside a difficult neighbour. If the situation is beyond “working it out”, what can you do about it legally? The answer, most often, is the legal claim known as “nuisance”.

17 May 2016

When Can Your Boss Ask For Your Private Information?

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Privacy in the workplace can be a difficult issue to navigate. In particular, employers may request certain pieces of information for certain kinds of employee leaves. However, the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000 (the “Act”) allows for certain protections for employees. 

23 Apr 2016

How To Save Yourself From Entering A Bad Contract

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This week’s post discusses settlement agreements (a type of contract) and how they’re interpreted by the courts. Often times, parties will attempt to revise a deal after its agreed upon by trying to insert new words or meanings that aren’t present within the four corners of the document. This is rarely a good idea. 

13 Mar 2016

Your Rights While Staying At A Hotel

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Last month I described the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants; this month’s column discusses the rights and responsibilities of hotels and their guests.

12 Feb 2016

Know Your Rights When Renting

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Around 28% of Ontario households rent their home.

15 Jan 2016

Changes To The Law You Should Know About

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The year 2016 brings with it exciting new changes and importantly - new laws.

10 Nov 2015

The Legal Consequences of Lying

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Not surprisingly, untrue statements are often an important issue in lawsuits.

15 Oct 2015

Negligence: What Is It And When Can You Sue For It?

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One of the most common reasons for a lawsuit is an allegation of negligence.

15 Sep 2015

How To Avoid Getting Sued By Family

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An unfortunate reality in litigation is that lawsuits often pit one family member against another.

10 Aug 2015

How To Understand A Contract Agreement

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As a commercial litigation lawyer, most of the cases I deal with are based on breach of contract.

14 Jul 2015

Home Renovation Nightmare! What Are Your Rights?

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You've owned your home for several years and it's time for a new look. You draw up plans, get estimates, hire a general contractor and eagerly await the splendour of your newly-renovated home.

09 Jun 2015

Potential Liability Of A Franchisor’s Agent

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In our final article addressing franchise law we will discuss how an individual or company involved in a franchise agreement on behalf of the franchisor, or brand owner, can be held personally responsible for damages suffered by a franchisee, or individual location owner.

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