Kandice Henry

Kandice Henry

With the weather officially changing and more snow and cold weather on the way, here are some simple tips to help get your home ready for winter, inside and out.

Getting a mortgage when you are self-employed can be difficult, especially in light of all the changes that have been made when it comes to qualifying. 

Personalizing your home with decor is one of the most exciting parts of homeownership. The summer season is a great time to add some finishing touches or even completely redecorate your space.

As the market continues to change and property becomes more expensive, more people are choosing to rent.

The idea of selling their own home is something that many sellers contemplate at one time or another. 

Winter time isn’t typically a time of year that people like uprooting and moving from their homes.

When a new buyer enters the real estate market, there are several things that are assessed in order to determine whether or not they can afford their purchase. The most important of these are income, down payment and credit score.

Earlier this year tougher lending rules meant to cool the real estate market were implemented.

Many people look at real estate as a means to own a home or have a place to live.  Many people look at real estate as a means to own a home or have a place to live.  The other side of real estate is the investment opportunity that it presents. There are several different ways that someone can invest in the real estate world.

11 Jun 2017

June is here and finally so is summer. The real estate market will be entering one of its busier times of the year.

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