Camping, cottaging, and hiking are not leisure activities typically associated with Black people. Stereotypes abound that we don’t swim, hike, or venture out into untamed nature just for the fun of it.
No one ever gets married with the intention of getting divorced. But it’s an unfortunate reality for many couples, and in some cases, a very expensive reality with lawsuits, alimony payments and other legal proceedings racking up the costs.

If Your Buyer Backs Out, You Still Have Rights

Friday, 11 August 2017 21:09 Written by
In May, we wrote an article about changes to housing laws in Ontario which aimed to make housing in the province more affordable to buyers and renters.
This week, our adventure took us to Gushi for some serious Japanese fusion.

Fashion + Function = Sneakers

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If there was a universally accepted “1+1” equation for what sneakers represent, she.lace proposes it should be this: Fashion + Function=Sneakers.

4 Ways You Can Cash In On Real Estate

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Many people look at real estate as a means to own a home or have a place to live.  Many people look at real estate as a means to own a home or have a place to live.  The other side of real estate is the investment opportunity that it presents. There are several different ways that someone can invest in the real estate world.

Cluck Clucks Legendary Fried Chicken

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We had a friend from out of town come and visit us recently. Obviously, being a good Torontonian and a good host, we decided to take our guest on a tour of Toronto nightlife.
We're thrilled to be joining as new fashion contributors. In our first post - we're baring it all.

Here's Why Anyone Can Learn To Code

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I’ve had countless conversations (in this case, let’s call my conversation partner Sam) that have gone something like this: 
We found Maizal after watching a game of rugby at Lamport Stadium. Walking into Maizal, you are greeted with a beautiful mural that is an homage to creating tortillas.