Rachel Décoste

    Rachel Décoste

    Like many Black Canadians, I have had my share of negative experiences in the school system. I remember a white kid not wanting to hold my hand as we formed a “sharing circle” in kindergarten. In Grade 1, the teacher never once called my name when I had my hand up. I was invisible to her. They created the gifted program in Grade 3. Apparently, I tested high enough to qualify. I learned recently that I was not admitted until my parent strenuously intervened. It had been difficult for the school to accept a Black child into a program that was surreptitiously designed for white elites.

    It’s painful to watch someone pimp themselves out for a paycheque.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper's reign ended Wednesday when PM Justin Trudeau took his oath.

    Within days, Canadians will go to the urns and decide the fate of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose reign has lasted a decade.

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