10 Oct 2016

Canadians Bazodee For Machel Montano

Despite lukewarm reviews from the press, it looks like the Caribbean diaspora is still hungry for more Machel.

The Toronto run for the Soca King's first film has been extended in Toronto and has also been picked up in Montreal.

It’s historic for Trinidad; this is the first local movie to be released internationally. It’s described as: a 'Come Alive' Caribbean musical featuring Machel Montano in his debut feature and the heartbeat of his Soca music, influenced by the traditional sounds of India and electronica.

Coles notes: lots of amazing singing and dancing and a love story about a guy who wants a girl who’s already taken.

We talked to Machel Montano from Miami last night (he's there for Carnival). He says he’s excited to have so much support on the ground.

How did you feel about the film getting an extended run in Toronto?

Toronto is home away from home for me, so to have the film doing so well there, it’s like the pinnacle. When we got the film in New York people were like what about Toronto and then when we got it in Toronto, people were like what about Montreal? This is a pioneer move, a first for Trinidad so to see it spread organically is really amazing.

Do you feel like the appetite for Caribbean content has been underestimated?

The appetite for content on a whole has been underestimated. Not only do people want content but they want it personalized and relatable to them. Caribbean content has been minimal so far. You get a lot of Jamaican movies, and I think it’s time for Trinidad and the soca fraternity and that side of the Caribbean to be exposed. And not just for the West Indian diaspora, but people of all cultures who are interested in different ways of life. I know people want to see themselves but it’s also important for other people to see our culture.

What was your big picture goal with this film?

I wanted to make a Caribbean film of international standards, and I feel we did that. The whole experience was eye opening for me in terms of how easily I got into the acting and filmmaking. We had to shoot during Carnival so it was a chaotic schedule, which meant I had no time to really be nervous. I was kind of shocked at how easy it was for me. I want to do it again for sure. I am open to whatever kind of role but I definitely want to keep telling more stories about Trinidadian music and culture because it’s such a unique lifestyle.

Who would be your ideal leading lady?

Definitely Rihanna. It would be great to have a Trini and a Bajan starring in a love scene you know, getting down. Haha. She is just so talented, not only as an actress but obviously she’s the biggest pop star in the world and transcends all genres but is still true to her roots.

Bazodee will open in Montreal on Friday, October 14th at Cinema Cineplex Forum. It's playing now all over the GTA until October 13th.


Scotiabank Theatre Toronto - Downtown

Cineplex Odeon Morningside Cinemas - Scarborough

Cineplex Cinemas Winston Churchill - Oakville/Mississauga

Cineplex Odeon Eglinton Town Centre Cinemas - Scarborough

Cineplex Cinemas - Vaughan

Cineplex Odeon Orion Gate Cinemas - Brampton

Buy tickets on Cineplex's website - click here



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