13 Nov 2015

'da Kink Is Back! And It's Going Across Canada

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“If you want to know a Black woman, you touch her hair… that is where we carry everything —all our hopes, our dreams, our pain."

09 Nov 2015

We Are Proud To Present: An Exploration of Race, Power and Story

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21 Oct 2015

TDot Fest: Developing Toronto's Talent

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On October 2 Canadian music history was made. For the first time ever the top four spots on the Billboard Hot 100 chart belonged to Canadians.

16 Oct 2015

Young Drunk Punk: An Interview with Arnold Pinnock

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You’ve seen him in Exit Wounds, The Incredible Hulk, Grey’s Anatomy, The Listener, and Lost Girl, as well as many others — Arnold Pinnock shares all about his newest project, Young Drunk Punk. 

06 Oct 2015

Jamaica's Carlene Davis Wins Best Gospel Award At International Reggae and World Music Awards

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Jamaican gospel singer Carlene Davis is enjoying a milestone in her 40-year musical career. 

12 Oct 2015

Young Actress on the Rise: Ava Augustin Nominated for a Joey Award

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She may be little, but this star shines bright -- Ava Augustin is a Joey Award nominated actress inspiring other young people to follow their dreams.

22 Sep 2015

No Awards but the Princess Still Reigns Supreme!

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A documentary featuring an unlikely musical collaboration that “went platinum,” in viral standards, premiered in this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

19 Sep 2015

TIFF Takes A Chance On Egyptian Film And It Pays Off

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The political career of Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser is the focus of a well-documented critical analysis and dogged examination of the 10-year reign of a revolutionary and charismatic leader.

17 Sep 2015

A Gift For Mom

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Staunch, church-going, single mother Georgia, is having extraordinary problems with her only son Omahar.

11 Sep 2015

Spotlight on TIFF.40: Revisiting a Racist History on the Ninth Floor

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On the rare occasion that Canada’s race relations are the featured topic for public discussion, the phrase “Burn, Nigger, Burn” would probably not come to mind.


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