Casey-Anne Bradfield

Casey-Anne Bradfield

Casey-Anne Bradfield is a blogger at Toronto Relationships is a place to discuss the dynamics between the intimate connections people make with one another throughout their lives. Some of her topics include dating, parenting, work and career relationships, as well as friendships. Casey believes in the concept of human growth and development and her stories always come from a place of acceptance, responsibility, and self-reflection, as these are the principals in which Casey believes are the key to a happier and more supportive lifestyle. In addition to writing blogs, Casey is keen on supporting others’ success stories, as she believes strongly in the power of support and altruism.

Casey's appreciation for social improvement came about as a response to some very difficult experiences. Some of these difficulties were: Seeing the after affects of a life in the Children's Aid Society, losing a close family member to a criminal lifestyle, growing up in a single parent household, being isolated from her extended family, living on her own at a young age, being bullied, and being sexually assaulted. Casey feels that every difficult experience she has encountered has served to make her a stronger person and her hope is that others going through similar situations will also move forward and go on to empower themselves and others.

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