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    Clare Kenty

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    There's not a day that has gone by recently where I don't hear about someone getting sick or being diagnosed with yet another disease. We're a society that appears to be getting sicker and sicker and yet the power is in our hands to change it. 

    07 Jun 2016

    While on a tea date with a friend last week our conversation landed on managing PMS symptoms and how we can rid ourselves of them completely.

    It's delicious isn't it? That feeling that you get when you bite into a fresh pastry. There's nothing like it. 

    01 Apr 2016

    Spring is upon us! Now is the prime time for detoxes!

    Instead of writing about delicious winter comfort food, I'm taking a moment to look at something that has been brought into the spotlight this week. 

    01 Feb 2016

    With the longer nights and shorter days, more often than not our energy is lower than what it is during the sunnier months.

    Over recent week I've been searching for recipes that would be great additions to the turkey table that bring something different to the table.

    How often have you said or heard someone say "there's something going round"?

    22 Sep 2015

    While browsing on the good procrastination-book recently, I came across a blog about the importance of getting large amounts of vegetables into your diet.

    This past week I've been making heaps of granola and granola bars.

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