“We are socialized to accept less.” This is part of a quote from my friend, Angelina, as we were having a discussion on relationships. She went on to say that as a black woman, she has to give allowances to black men for our bad behaviour. She made it clear that she isn’t the exception, either. That most black women share this mindset.

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    We have all been rejected. Whether it be by a lover, friend, or a job, rejection has forced us into new and sometimes frightening territories.

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    It's a shame that in 2018 we still have to talk about the difference of dating while fat.

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    Heartbreak sucks. It is a slap in the face. You can either choose to cry from the pain, use it as a wake up call to stop yourself from losing yourself, or you can do both. I did both.

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    I've always thought that marriage or a serious relationship consisted of two individuals. Person A meets Person B. They court, they get married, they have 2.5 kids, and they buy a house with a white picket fence. Standard. Traditional. Boring? 

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    In this interview, I sit down with Brandon Hay, founder of Black Daddies Club.

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    Many believe that the most important part of being a parent is building strong relationships with our children.

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    So the ladies have reached their limits and they are all in their feelings about being in the much feared and loathed friend zone.

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    Honestly I don't think anyone knows, especially women. But I think I understand why women are so confused. Let’s discuss… 

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    "You absorb the light; I reflect it." It's a joke my wife recently made after several failed attempts at taking an "usie" outdoors while the sun shined down on us.

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