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    Cleve DeSouza

    Part of the responsibility of a parent or caregiver is to help children establish good and healthy habits as they grow. A Brown University study that focused on habits in children found that routines and patterns of responsibility are unlikely to vary significantly after the age of 9 years old.

    If budgeting is one of those words that create instant stress and anxiety in your mind, then join the crowd. The *2021 FP Canada Financial Stress Index found that about 38% of Canadians say money is the most stressful thing in their life. What if money didn’t have to be so frustrating? Here are 5 strategies to help minimize the overwhelming struggle that so many people associate with budgeting.

    With housing prices soaring across Canada, and politicians on every side of the political spectrum pontificating on how they plan to cool the market, perhaps now is a good time to think about selling yours. Especially if you’re in a place in your life where that makes sense. Perhaps your kids have left your home and it’s time to downsize. Perhaps your home is part of your retirement strategy to cash out and fly out to the retirement spot of your dreams. Congratulations! You’re in the right place and time to make the most of that opportunity.

    The day you buy your first home is an exciting one. There are colour palettes to consider, curtains to hang, and furniture to buy. Before breaking out the paintbrushes, rollers, and logging into furniture websites, you first need to actually get into that house.

    The key to building financial literacy is to start the conversations early so your child is ready to handle their personal finances when they leave home.

    Buying a home can be intimidating. For most of us, it’s the largest purchase we’ll ever make. That’s why I’ve always recommended home buyers work with reputable mortgage agents. 

    If you’ve been following my advice, by now, you should have a nice nest egg saved up.

    Not all debt is created equal. That’s why at CleveDoesMore.com, we focus on debt management and not just debt reduction.

    Today’s headlines focus on a global pandemic that’s ravaging our physical health. In all the noise, it is easy to miss the way another scourge is quietly destroying our financial health.

    If you took advantage of the Canadian Emergency Response Benefits (CERB) in 2020, you need to immediately take several steps to protect yourself from a fraud accusation and an unexpected tax bill.

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