20 Jan 2014

Sharif hits the road for The Underground Comedy Railroad Show

Sunday, February 9, 2014, inside the Rose theatre, six Black comedians take on Brampton. Hosted by Jay Martin, the show also features headliner Keesha Brownie, Trixx, Andrew Searles, Zabrina Chevannes and Sharif. We had an opportunity to speak with Sharif about his comedy style, his inspiration Bill Cosby, and other amazing comics.

How did you get into the comedy game?

Basically, it was a friend of mine who thought I had comedic skills and put my name down for an open mic night in the College & Bathurst area. I don't even remember the name of the event, because it shut down 2 weeks later. I have been on stage for 5 years from that time.

What’s your comedic style?

I’m more of a short storyteller, and I like to give those awkward scenarios. Situations that make you think about it hard.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the entertainment business?

Bill Cosby.

He was able to entertain and educate people in so many ways. Whether he was on stage, in movies or on episodic series like Fat Albert and Picture Page. He was a guy that appealed to everybody.

Bill is known for his clean comedy, do you swear?

For the most part, I don’t, but one or two times it does slip out, yeah.

Are there any Canadian Comedians that inspire you?

Absolutely. On the local scene there’s Jay Martin and Jean Paul; truthfully there’s a whole bunch of them, and of course Russell Peters.

Any Non-Canadians?

There some other American comedians like George Carlin, Bill Burr and Wanda Sykes, who is also a writer as well. She’s really funny.

How did you get involved in this Comedy show?

I got a call from Keesha Brownie, and she said to keep the date open. Before I knew it, I got another call saying I was on the show. I’m like “oh ok”.

Have you been in any TV shows or Movies?

Not in a starring role, I used to do extra work a few years back.

What other shows do you have coming up?

There’s a bunch of shows I’m in talks with now, that have not been finalized. As soon as they are a done deal, I’ll be sending that information out on Social Media.

So what's your ultimate goal working as a comic, when will you consider yourself a great success?

When I’m able to tour around North America performing to sold-out audiences.

How can people connect with you?

On Twitter @rees4000.


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