Dominique Warne

Dominique Warne

“Your past determined who you are; your present, what you will be.”

Dominique Warne is a student of the Bachelor of Creative Advertising Program at Humber. Before migrating to Canada to continue her post-secondary education, she got her “big break” in Advertising & Marketing unknowingly at an early age. As young as 10 years old, Dominique would help promote, manage and sell the products in her grandmother’s little shop in Jamaica, her homeland.

Inspired by innovative ideas and people who are passionate about their goals, she is always eager to share an empowering story or idea she discovered. To feed her curiosity Dominique practices photography, enjoys reading, travelling and seeking new experiences, the most recent being spelunking.

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[REVIEW] A Little Obeah Goes A Long Way

Tuesday, 11 August 2015 22:45
ByBlacks Rating: BBBB 
Toronto's St. James Park on King Street became the meeting spot on Tuesday for people making donations to a food and clothing drive organized by Karrueche Tran— with the help of Toronto’s creative influencer and businesswoman Karla Moy (aka HustleGrl).

Honey Jam Reveals New Artists For 2015

Friday, 24 July 2015 19:44
On the 54th floor of the TD Tower, a fresh batch of talent gathers for the launch of Honey Jam Canada – a concert celebrating its 20th anniversary.
Jamaica House officially kicked off on Wednesday at Atlantis on Lakeshore.

[REVIEW] My Walk With The Postman

Monday, 20 July 2015 21:51
ByBlacks Rating BBB
What are some of your fondest memories of childhood in a black household?

The Best Summer Festivals Happening Now

Thursday, 02 July 2015 09:03
With the depressing weather we’ve been having in Toronto in the last two months, you’d think summer hopped, skipped and jumped over the city.
Kids are known to say the darnest things, but seven year old Aaron Aizenstros and his nine year old brother Langston Aizenstros have a lot more to say beyond what you may think is “darn cute”.
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